5 Wearable Vibrators of 2024 That Will Take Your Pleasure to the Next Level

Do you think you already know everything about wearable vibrators? This year, famous brands have released updated models of top sex toys.

Now clitoral vibrators are even more powerful and effective. Wish to take an orgasm in less than 1 minute? Look at the review.

Wearable tiny vibrators people invented twenty years ago. At first, they were in the form of a bullet or an egg. For lack of a better design, women were delighted with this design. But very soon the manufacturers realized that if you repeat the contours of the body, then the fit of the material will be tighter. The larger the area of ​​exposure to vibrations, the brighter and faster orgasms come!

Clitoral vibrators that can bring you to the peak of emotions without touching your bodyIt became possible to control wearable vibrators through mobile applications If you don't want to think about it, just switch the buttons on the case

1. LILY ™ 2

This brand rightfully belongs to the premium segment of sex toys.

The manufacturer thinks over everything to the smallest detail: color, design, shape, and technical content of each device.

Wearable clitoral vibrators are no exception. It is also easy to operate with just two buttons on the case. The updated release is beautiful, applicable, and more efficient than the first release. It won many fans.


  • Each lady can control vibrations with just two buttons. At the same time, eight different modes and speeds are available to you.
  • You can clean the vibrator with high quality after every session and even take a bath with it because it is fully waterproof.
  • It is a wearable vibrator and can be recharged from the regular electric mains. The maximum duration of each session after a full recharge is 3 hours at top speed.
  • The clitoral vibrators small size allows you to carry it on your trip or have fun in public. A super quiet but powerful motor gives you that chance. Most importantly, you should not give yourself away; this means nobody will hear anything around.


  • The delicate silicone material can be easily damaged by an inappropriate lubricant. Forget about using silicone-based cosmetic oils or lubricants.

Customer feedback

With this remote control vibrator, I was able to create the perfect foreplay. I have experienced this sex toy several times in the cinema and concert hall. The lightweight and discreet device generates surprisingly powerful vibrations. I also love its sleek shape.

2. We-Vibe Moxie

We present to your attention a powerful wearable clitoral vibrator. This most sensitive spot massager they designed for discreet and sensual hand-free pleasure.

He will gently tease you until he brings you to a super bright orgasm. The modest design allows you to carry the vibrator wherever you go. An inconspicuous physiological shape and a quiet motor will keep your little secret.


  • Recently vibrator manufacturing has made a huge demand for convenient design, particularly in the case of wearable butterfly models.
  • We-Connect mobile application is an exciting innovation that allows you to have fun either alone or with your partner. The point is that it does not matter whether your lover is a man or woman; it will not affect your ability of controlling a sex toy in any manner. The most important thing is sensitivity and a wish to make you happy.
  • With the free We-Connect app, you can play and control Moxie from anywhere. Powerful Bluetooth antenna ensures uninterrupted connection anytime, anywhere. Also, you can create individual vibrations and save them. Or you can send your designs for trial to a partner! You can connect and play along with other brand products from the same series.


  • The delicate silicone material can be easily damaged by an inappropriate lubricant. Forget about using silicone-based cosmetic oils or lubricants.

Buyer Feedback

With this vibrator, I finally realized what intense pleasure is. Modes switch very easily and they don’t look alike. I like both slow teasing movements and fast vibrations.

3. Lush 3

This model is the most powerful Bluetooth remote-controlled vibrator rated by experienced users. Also, the massager has a unique shape.

Thanks to it, ladies can use it in conjunction with other plug-in vibrators or with a real partner.
What’s new in the third version of the app control vibrator?

Magnetic charging port for more convenient charging. Redesigned antenna and PCB for even more stable connectivity.


  • The vibrator holds on tighter and does not slip from your body with this new fixed tail.
  • It presses gently and massages your G-spot softly for quicker, more powerful orgasms.
  • This sex toy can be used in public places because it has a silent motor.
  • The battery holds a charge for up to 5 hours even when the maximum speed is selected.


  • You only need to buy water-based lubricants.
  • Some girls say that it is uncomfortable for them to use this shaped vibrator. He does not have the proper effect on them.

Buyer Feedback

I didn’t expect the sensations to be so vivid. This controlled vibrator is unlike other clitoral contact massagers. It is effective even through underwear. It is currently my favorite among wearable remote control vibrators.


This wearable clitoral vibrator is one of the most effective app control models.

A stable smartphone connection and very original patterns will earn your trust. Also, this sex toy has a special feature – it is its small insert part.


  • 6 modes of vibrations of different intensities are available to you.
  • Manual control without an app will come in handy if you want to get a high-quality orgasm simply and quickly.
  • Ribbed surface provides more effective stimulation. Combined with powerful vibrations, this design will make you shiver with delight.


  • You only need to buy water-based lubricants or you risk damaging the delicate ribbed silicone coating.
  • The ribbed surface is too stimulating for some women.
  • While the wearable vibrator is protected from strong water jets, it is not completely waterproof. Additionally, when cleaning your sex toy be careful. To avoid water damage to the device, wipe it with a soft dry cloth after each cleaning. This is also good to do even if you use special spray and not soap and water.

Buyer Feedback

I think this sex toy has the widest control radius of any submersible clitoral wearable vibrator. I have had 2 similar copies before, but they produced weak vibrations and were not very effective. I don’t like the fact that it needs to be plugged into an outlet for an hour before it is fully charged. But the game can last 2 hours.


Non-contact vibration is a new trend in the sex industry. Vibrators that can give you great pleasure without even touching your skin have been around a few years ago.

One of the first was the WOMANIZER. But now such sex toys have gained maximum distribution.


  • The vibrator massages the clitoris with air currents. Intense thrusting and drawing of air create an indescribable sensation.
  • You can even play through your clothes.
  • The manufacturer has provided 12 levels of intensity.


  • You only need to buy water-based lubricants or you risk damaging the delicate ribbed silicone coating.
  • The suction power can be habitually harsh. Another aspect that makes it different is the vibration stimulation which women are accustomed to.
  • This sex toy is more expensive than all other vibrators in the current review.
  • This particular model is too large for wearable vibrators, you will have to hold it in your hands because the body cannot fit in a laundry.

Buyer Feedback

I didn’t expect the sensations to be so vivid. This controlled vibrator is unlike other clitoral contact massagers. It is effective even through underwear. It is currently my favorite among wearable control vibrators.

What are the criteria for finding the best wearable clitoral vibrator?

Of course, we will not remind you that the best remote spot vibrator should be looked for solely according to personal preference. Someone else’s experience can be very useful, but not as much as your own. Ultimately, a pocket wearable vibrator is almost as much a personal choice as a partner.

What others like may not work for you, and vice versa. But still, we will take the liberty of giving a few recommendations on the selection of the best clitoral vibrators that work for your pleasure.

Let’s start with the basics. Any sex toy must be safe for your health. This means that the materials of manufacture must be certified. In the age of frequent allergies, the manufacturer must pay increased attention to this.

The next thing to look out for is the perfect smoothness of the outer surface of the wearable vibrator. This does not mean that you should give up the luxurious intricate texture if any brand offers it. But we know from personal experience that perfectly smooth instruments work better when stimulating the outer areas of the clitoris. There should certainly not be any sharp or prickly elements on the surface of the material.

If the sex toy has a built-in rechargeable battery or batteries, these elements must be carefully insulated.

For a sex toy to be cleaned properly, the case must be waterproof or at least splash-proof. This will help to completely rinse off any residual grease and other liquids so that bacteria do not grow on the surface of the material.

The fabric of manufacture must be dense and durable to withstand regular use for more than a year. Verified brands give a guarantee for their sex toys for over 10 years. Moreover, this guarantee applies not only to silicone but also to vibration mechanisms.

The moving parts of the wearable vibrator should also be perfectly insulated from your body. This mandatory rule applies to all sex toys and their parts that come into contact with your body.

Small but useful advice

Sex toys should never be shared, even with one’s regular sexual partner. In case you want to, always use a condom.

In fact, despite the level of cleanliness given to the item, some parts of your microflora cannot be eliminated. Even boiling cannot completely kill all germs. Therefore, it is not advisable to expose yourself to such dangers.

Based on the same rule, never try someone else’s wearable vibrators. You can buy sex toys only in specialized stores in sealed branded packaging. Serious manufacturers value their reputation very much. Therefore, you can be sure of the initial sterility of your new mini friend.

Brief conclusions

If you are a complete newbie to sex toys, you don’t need to immediately chase the premium wearable remote control vibrator.

It may be perfect, but it won’t suit you anatomically, and you won’t be able to appreciate all the luxury of sensations. But still. Be sure to choose wearable models from trusted brands. This is the only way a person may be completely sure of the safety of materials and structures. Also, pay attention to the strength of the vibrations of the clitoral massagers.

If you like strong stimulation, look for reviews specifically on the power of the motor. And the most important piece of advice is here. Do not be disappointed if on the first try something went wrong as you expected. Give your new vibrator a second and even a third chance to become your best friend. But if this has not happened, you also do not need to be upset. Just buy a mini vibrator with an another contours or vibration movements.

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