Fla. city will turn wastewater sludge into green energy

March 25 -- Sanford, Fla., has entered a long-term contract to have the city´s wastewater sludge converted to green

Under the 20-year deal, Houston-based MaxWest Environmental Systems Inc. will dispose of Sanford´s biosolids by
gasifying the material to produce a synthetic gas. A thermal oxidizer then will convert the syngas into renewable thermal

Sanford will use the energy to replace natural gas to power a new dryer at its South Wastewater Reclamation Center. It
will save the city $9 million over the 20-year contract, said Paul Moore, Sanford utility director.

Larger systems could produce sufficient thermal energy to generate electricity, said Richard Helen, president of
MaxWest. The company hopes the Sanford project will serve as a showcase to demonstrate its technology.

"Traditional disposal methods for biosolids are becoming more expensive, publicly unacceptable and potentially
harmful to the environment," he said.

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Commercial Arrangement
MaxWest Environmental Systems will build, own and operate (BOO) the gasification system at your site on a turnkey
basis. The system can be used by local governments in combination with wastewater treatment plants, by private
companies with significant waste disposal and energy challenges and in communities everywhere. This environmentally
friendly alternative is cost-effective and can be customized to specific needs and locations.