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"Adverse human health effects from sludge biosolids odors and noxious
gaseous emissions"

Scientist who study odors tend to be rather conservative in their published studies due to monetary
restrictions and the study design placed on them by those who pay for the studies. Generally they may
only focus on one (ammonia) or a small number of the constituents which can cause odor which can
effect public health. On the other hand, the promoters of sludge dumping claim public reaction to odors
is a somatic response (i.e. it's all in your mind -- a mental condition). Not true.

In 1999, EPA microbiologist Dr. Lewis (on loan to the University of Georgia) stated the facts in a letter:
"Exposure to sufficiently high concentrations of gaseous organic amines can cause severe irritation of
the eyes and skin, and damage  to mucus membranes leading to pulmonary edema (bleeding in the
respiratory system). These toxic gases can also cause damage to the lungs, liver, and other internal
organs. Initial symptoms include eye, irritation, skin rashes, burning in the mouth, nose, or throat,
generation of mucus, headaches, nausea, and vomiting. Such damaged tissues can serve as a port of
entry for bacterial or viral pathogens, leading to flu-like infections, pneumonia, or
bacteremia/septicaemia. For a copy of the letter click on this link

In 1999, BioSet,Inc did publish research on chemicals that compose Odors:
Quantifying the Emission Rate
of Ammonia and Trimethyl Amine From Biosolids;
 They found, "The chemical composition of
gaseous emissions from untreated and lime-treated wastewater solids were identified. Odors from the
untreated wastewater solids were  dominated by dimethyl disulfide, dimethyl sulfide, carbon disulfide and
methanethiol. Odors from the lime-treated solids were dominated by trimethylamine, ammonia, and
dimethyl disulfide. Overall odor was not reduced, but in fact increased after the solids were exposed to
lime and increased temperature as indicated by the odor index defined herein. See for a complete list and links to MSDS sheets

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