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May 2001 update - compiled by Helane Shields - prepared for WWW by ESRA at

2002 Update

Burlington, -- Add-Van & Co. sludge farm contaminates creek and wetlands -- wildlife officials concerned --
state assesses $5000.00 fine.

Davidson County -- Sludge farm (Show Me Farms) pollutes spring with compost

Davidson County, -- Show Me Farms sludge processing plant pollutes spring with fecal coliform; Odors and possible
well contamination plague neighbors

Ridgetop, -- Strokes and lung malfunction due to "unknown toxins"

2002 - 2005 Update

Erwin, Tennessee  -- Statement by Mary Lou Jones, mother of sludge worker  Michael Seth Jones, to EPA.
Doctor confirms inhaling sewage has led to open chest surgery (a mass removed), his thymus
removed, pathogens in lungs, 16 teeth removed because of bacterial infection, a mass in his
testicle. Sludge spread on fields with cattle standing -- cows died -- fed to bears.

Erwin, Tennessee  - Inhaling human waste causes illness -- Victim/worker (Michael Seth Jones) ravaged
by sludge Streptococcus -- Enterococcus faelcalis and Nocardia bacterial infections files lawsuit

Gilt Edge, --  In the past few months, more than 300 residents signed petitions calling for the end to the sludge
-farming by Add-Van Farms & Co., saying it's polluted the Hatchie and Mississippi Rivers, harmed fish and
wildlife, created foul Odors and left water and streambanks covered with a black film. Tennessee
no enforcement action  in regard to water contamination by sludge runoff.

Burlison, --  Add-Van Farms repeatedly sited for sludge violations -- continues dumping -- fouling surface waters,
sickneing neighbors -- state and federal "REGULATORS" protect the polluter -- ignore sludge victims and water