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May 2001 update - compiled by Helane Shields - prepared for WWW by ESRA at

2002 - 2005 Update

Oregon -- Neighbors of sludge site suffer flies and odors, fear roto-rooter sludge runoff onto flood plain and into
Chetco River -- City says it can't afford to process sludge to Class A pathogen standards

Oregon -- Summer -- Sludge victims suffer chemical fumes; swollen, burning eyes, shortness of breath; sever allergic
reactions -- DEQ says sludge contamination "reaches only the top 6 inches of soil."

Oregon -- Sludge runoff contaminates surface drinking water source -- victims suffer gastrointestinal illness -- lawsuits
result in substantial out-of-court settlements -- state wants "Hold Harmless Agreement" to protect it from future
sludge lawsuits.

Oregon    -- court case -- Sludge victims unable to eat, suffer gagging, nausea and headaches

Brookings, -- School children near sludge site suffer respiratory illnesses, rashes, sinus infections

2011 update

OREGON -- COTTAGE GROVE  SLUDGE VICTIMS suffer irritated nose, sore throat,
nausea, headaches - to ER for dehydration - toxic chemical odor stench