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OHIO -- pictures of registered Black Angus grazing on sludged ground

OHIO – UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO  Health Survey of Residents Living Near Farm Fields Permitted to Receive
Biosolids – SPRING 2007

OHIO - David Schlaufman, Nova, Ohio has an Ohio Superfund  number (Ohio EPA 303-0585) after one
application of sludge.   He speaks to groups about his experience.

Ohio was the site for EPA's original "OHIO" sludge study -- which was never completed -- for good
reasons. Since that time EPA and the National Academy of Science have quoted a 2 page, third party
abstract, as the original study

May 2001 update - compiled by Helane Shields - prepared for WWW by ESRA at

2002 Update

Columbiana County, --   Families say sludge has hurt health, life -- Ohioans blame EPA-approved
reclamation site for sickness, smell, bad water, couples suing company

Germantown, -- Statement of Don Carpenter  -- runoff from sludge site -- victims suffer Nausea,
headaches, sore throats, burning noses, nasal congestion, asthma and breathing difficulties and
respiratory distress. Epa ignores victims' call for help

Germantown, -- Statement of Bill Burton -- sludge victims suffer  odor, sickness, shortness of breath,
cattle getting foot rot

Warren, -- Human waste-to-Fertilizer plant under orders to attack odor -- lawsuit filed --
sludge victims suffer infections, severe stomach cramps, sore throats, runny noses, headaches,
nausea continuous cold symptoms, plagued by odors and flies

Warren, -- Statement of Debi Burns -- sludge victims suffer infections, severe stomach cramps, sore
throats, runny
noses, headaches, nausea continuous cold symptoms, plagued by odors and flies

Waynesville,-- Statement of Cecil Patton -- sludge victims suffer nausea, headaches, sore throats, throat
hoarseness, nasal congestion, abdominal distress, cramps, diarrhea, breathing difficulties, palpitations,
bronchitis thick choking mucus

Xenia, -- Statement of Lloyd Combs -- sludge victim suffer nasal irritation, burning nose, difficulty

2002 - 2005 Update

Ohio  --  Skeptics critical of use of sludge on farmland -- Sludge victims suffer burned eyes and throats

Belmont, -- Sludge victim blown off by state and federal "Regulators" who protect the sludge dumpers
and ignore
people suffering illnesses

Marion, --    Sludge stench unbearable -- City has contract prohibiting spreading of sludge near new

Northfield, - School teacher, Mary Beth Burdette, suffers burning nostrils -- headaches -- breathing and
respiratory problems -- hospitalized for 2 days -- Doctor says ammonia from sludge caused asthma attack
-- sludge mongers lie and deny human waste is present in sludge: "The Biosolids are a product of the
wastewater treatment process and
are not feces or a direct by-product of fecal material."

2008 update

----- Original Message -----
To: hshields@worldpath.net
Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2008 3:13 PM
Subject: Class B municipal sewage sludge

Dear Ms. Shields:

We live in
Green Township, Harrison County Ohio, and we are surrounded by properties that have had
sludge applied from Alcosan of Pittsburgh, PA.  There are about 25 people right now who have gone to
the Ohio EPA and they will do nothing about the odor, ground water concerns, runoff, vector flies and
gnats, and the possible damage to livestock and wildlife in the area.  We would like the spreading of
sludge stopped in our township and hopefully in Ohio.  Ohio has become the dumping ground for the
states that have banned it.  Our one neighbor had sludge brought in from New York two years ago and
had it spread.  He is due to spread sludge again.  He sells his hay crop that has been sludged.  There is
sludge stockpiled in our township that has been brought in from a neighboring county.  We are asking for
some added support so we can stop the spreading of sludge here.    Thank you.

OHIO  Three MRSA cases confirmed at Lima Senior
LimaOhio.com – OH   FEB. 14, 2008
The letter says a person with a confirmed case of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus),
may attend school, but the wound must be covered. ...

Three MRSA cases confirmed at Lima Senior
Beth L. Jokinen - Feb. 14th, 2008

LIMA — Lima schools officials say that, despite three cases of MRSA being confirmed at Lima Senior High
School this week, the building is safe for students.

SPRINGFIELD, OHIO   Feb. 21, 2008


Help needed for MRSA student fund-raiser

SPRINGFIELD — A spaghetti dinner fund-raiser is being organized for Michael Forrester, the Springfield
High School student who contracted methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in October 2007.
Michael has since been diagnosed with Polyarteritis nodosa, an autoimmune disease that attacks organs
and tissues, which requires chemotherapy treatments. In addition, his father, Ray Baxter, recently was
diagnosed with terminal cancer, according to event oganizers.

The fund-raiser will help the family with mounting medical bills. Tickets are $6 for adults and $3 for
children age 10 and younger.