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May 2001 update - compiled by Helane Shields - prepared for WWW by ESRA at
Bristol, -- Abutters Object to Sludge Spread in Bristol Hayfield -- Elderly residents suffer illnesses

Canaan, -- Bob and Judy Withington -- sludge victims cattle suffered severe diarrhea, dehydration, weight loss,
decline in milk production, problems breeding back, stillbirths and deaths -- 33 cows died.
Bob loss feeling in his hands and arms: his legs and feet were cold and numb -- doctors baffled.

Gilmanton, -- 59 year old neighbor downwind of site which has been sludged for years dies of sarcoidosis
Greenfield, -- 2 mothers, 2 deaths, too many questions,
Sludge victims suffer nausea, nosebleeds, headaches stomach cramps, fatigue and death
Greenland, -- Mom's lawsuit says sludge killed her son Shayne Conner
Greenland, -- Greenland family may use CDC report in death case -- Government says sludge is dangerous
Greenland, -- Death of Shayne Conner
Sludge death lawsuit: Judge delays trail so plaintiffs can investigate new evidence --
Sludge   company attorney charged with  misconduct, violation of previous court order
Greenland,  -- Joanne Marshall -- Statement about the health problems of her family and the death of her
son, Shayne Conner, caused by sludge biosolids
Greenland, -- Marshall case settles -- EPA's David Lewis Statement
Greenland, -- Settlement reached in Greenland sludge suit -- Man's death (Shayne Conner) had been
blamed on biosolids
Greenland, -- Toxic sludge producer pays historic settlement:
Whistleblower Group Requests that Settlement Terms be Made Public
Greenland, -- Fear's scent remains over sludge -- 100 dead fish were discovered near the sludge area

Hooksett, -- State suspends permit for spreading of sludge -- Concerns about nitrate levels in well on
Hooksett's Goonan Road led to move.
Hooksett, -- Sludge reclamation project results in contaminated groundwater

Manchester, -- City golfers given a break -- but student pay the price -- stinking pile of sludge compost
dumped across from a Manchester elementary school -- students and staff complain of
headaches, burning noses and lungs students vomiting

Rollinsford, --  Cluster of sickness and death adjacent to sludge sites -- Operator of Viel Farm died as did his
brother and neighbors.

North Swanzey, -- Victims of sludge composting facility reported skin rashes, nausea, headaches, watery eyes and
respiratory problems --Study found high rates of cervical cancer between 1987 and 1991, but concluded that
the sewer plant could not have contributed to the increase. Rather,smoking, sex at an early age, multiple sex
partners and a certain virus called
human papillomavirus, are known to be linked to this type of cancer.
Neither the sewage effluent or sludge is tested for viruses.
Tilton, -- Wells contaminated by sludge -- NH DES claims there has never been a documented case of
wells contaminated by sludge biosolids

Webster, -- John Ceriello -- Affidavit in Superior Court -- Sierra Club v. State of  New Hampshire
Sludge victims suffer nausea, dry heaves, burning eyes, burning throat, worsening asthma

Webster, --  Angela Ceriello -- Affidavit in Superior Court -- Sierra Club v. State of  New Hampshire
Sludge victims suffer nausea, dry heaves, burning eyes, burning throat, worsening asthma

Whitefield, --- Terry & Brad Lufkin -- sludge victims suffer odor, upper respiratory infections, huge flies,

2002 - 2005 Update

Hooksett, --- Odors and stench from sewage sludge composting facility sicken residents -- Lawsuit filed.

Death by sludge -- Synagro settles -
JOANNE MARSHALL'S STATEMENT [-- Mother of deceased Shayne