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Compiled by Helane Shields

2002 - 2005 Update
Nye County, -- After being driven out of Riverside County, California -- after over 100 people complained
         about sludge-related illnesses, and out of Mohave Valley, Arizona because of 100+ health
         complaints, Synagro is now spreading Class B sewage sludge biosolids from Orange County,
         California in Amargosa Vally, Nevada -- and folks there are starting to report illnesses

Nye County, -- Karen Coughlin -- Amargosa Valley sludge victims report coughs and breathing problems,
         skin rashes, headaches and gastrointestinal symptoms

Nye County, -- James Spears -- Amargosa Valley -- Medical report
         Asthmaic bronchitis, autoimmune hepatiitis and cirrhosis as well as insulin dependent diabetes
         from sludge toxins

Nye County, -- U. S. Senator Harry Reid gets sludge dumping stopped in Amargosa Valley
          Cites airborne pathogens, water runoff and health concerns