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1994 EPA list of sludge Horror stories for WEF to debunk:
-- Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indian Reservation (Torres biosolids mountain)

May 2001 update - compiled by Helane Shields - prepared for WWW by ESRA at

2002 Update

California Farm Bureau Federation concerns with sludge biosolids

Atwater, -- 13 cows poisoned by nitrates in hay fertilized with sludge biosolids
Corona, -- Jane Langston statement -- Nausea, diarrhea, headaches, hoarseness, nasal congestion,           
 shortness of breath
Corona, --   Dianna Schramm statement -- Violent headaches, nosebleeds, vomiting, diarrhea, burning
    nose, basal congestion, shortness of breath, thick mucus
Corona- - Small claims judgement upheld against synagro

Livermore, -- Plutonium in sludge biosolids placed on Big Trees Park
Menifee -- Tina Childers statement -- Headaches, sore and irritated throats, breathing difficulties, shortness of
breath, asthma, wheezing, nosebleeds, diarrhea, rashes, fatigue
Pleasanton -- Nuclear contamination in sludge biosolids

Riverside -- Supervisors suggest a 1/4 mile buffer zone between sludge site and residence
Riverside -- Children sick, suffering headaches and nosebleeds
Riverside  -- Synagro spread high levels of pathogen contaminated sludge on thousands of acres of farmland
Riverside, 100 resident vent complaints - respiratory problems, flu like symptoms, nose bleeds, rashes, cancer and
breathing problems
San Bernardino County -- Inmates and Guards suffer respiratory problems, sinus infections, sore throat, runny nose,
headaches - workmen's comp claims filed.
Solano County, - Pat Stokes Photo
Solano County -- Sludge victim --Judy Bretthauer suffers Respiratory problems
Temescal Canyon,  -- Synagro loses small claims lawsuits because sludge caused burned eyes, burned noses,
 burned throat -- Odors permeated homes, clothing and lives
Thermal -- Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indian Reservation (Torres biosolids mountain) -- Bitter protest --
    Indians say it makes them sick (Groundwater contamination - Arsenic -Cadmium- chromium)
    Nausea, headaches, dust, flies, odors, allergies, sores, swollen feet, fatigue,

2002 -2005 Update

Adelanto, (Nursery Products compost) Doug Olson - sludge victim suffering dizzy spells, problems
 breathing,  bleeding sores on arms and face
City of Adelanto, Californiia vs Nursery Products composting --      declared -- Public Nuisance
Noxious odors, flies, dust, airborne trash and debris, adverse health effects, watery eyes,
allergies, asthma, breathing problems -- school children severely affected.
Kern County, -- WEF Summit -- Crop damage -- problems with cotten --anaerobic sludge biosolids

Menifee, -- Kathleen Hefley and Stacy Iniguez -- family of sludge victims suffer sickness, infections, colds,
   bloody noses, hair lost, fatigue, gastrointestinal problems

Riverside --  Observations on Regulatory Compliance in Sludge Application --  Penny Newman
 Sickness,welts, nosebleeds, nausea
Riverside, -- Sewage spill reveals PCBs, lead, metals and  other contaminates
Riverside County, -- Casandra Dana and Family - treated with contempt --suffer plague of flies, lung
  infection, asthma, respiratory problems, sinus infections, cold symptoms
Solano County,-- sludge victims complain of odors, flies, shortness of breath and respiratory illness